Taste The Difference


Organics is one of fastest growing trends in produce.

With an increase of over $3.5 billion spent on Canadian organic food since 2012, it is one of fastest growing trends in produce. Whether it's for health and lifestyle reasons or to feel good about supporting the environment, more and more consumers are choosing to go organic than ever before. We offer organic options for fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs so you can give your shoppers and diners the delicious, nutrient-rich ingredients they demand.

Biodynamic Apples

In 2017 we partnered up with Martin Orchards (formerly JMJ Biodynamic Orchards) to bring you the tastiest and purest apples around. Farmed using biodynamic practices dating back over a century, it is quite possibly the oldest comprehensive organic farming system.


At Exotic Orchard, we built a name for ourselves for working with some of the most well-known juicers in the Lower Mainland. Our clientele includes seasonal juice stands, national franchises and large processing facilities.

Our products have grown to accommodate the specific needs of our customers. Whether you're looking for giant lemons and oranges to reduce labour because you cut and hull by hand, or juice grade products to reduce food costs, we have the experience and knowledge to give you that extra edge.